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Up Where The Eagles Fly

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The Lover Of Your Life

(Also called: Come To Me Darling)

In 1981, whilst on the beautiful Island of Maui, I wrote a song about the Feminine aspect of God called “The Lover of your Life” (Also known as Come To Me Darling).  

My human, though no less divine, love for Leonard inspired me to write it.

I played it to him on his little portable tape machine in his kitchen in Los Angeles in 1988.  I was overjoyed when he said he really loved it.

He later told me he had a vision of the Divine Feminine whilst meditating on Mount Baldy and thinking of my song.

I treasure this memory!

Like so many others whom you have inspired Leonard, I will love you forever and a day.

You are an informed witness to our suffering and your beautiful songs a balm to our wounds.

Heart broken over the loss of Leonard Cohen

Strategies For Ending The War Between The Sexes

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WAYFAREROne Woman’s Journey from Illusion to Light

Documented in song and comprising Four Albums.

A journey that has taken me from self-delusion to self-awareness and from inner turmoil to inner peace.

Repairs & Alterations

This re-mastered award-winning album was first released in 1987 to much critical acclaim and is the first instalment of four that will comprise "Wayfarer" - One woman's journey from Illusion to Light. A Hero's Journey for our time.

Interior Design

Part two of "Wayfarer" - One woman's journey from Illusion to Light in four parts. Following on from the spiritual awakening that led to the debut album, "Repairs & Alterations", my journey continued inwards, onwards and upwards.

Committed to the Fire

My spiritual, mystical journey, documented in song, continues with this third of four albums, which will make up "Wayfarer - One woman's journey from Illusion to Light". The classically influenced melodies are given a Country embrace.

When I first started writing songs at the age of 26 I had only a vague, through a glass darkly idea, of the journey I was on - quite a gruelling journey in to the self. Carl Jung spoke of the Individuation Process - a psychological, spiritual and emotional transformation from the adapted, fragmented, false self, to an authentic integrated being. I'm living this transformation and have documented this process and my progress in song.

This was not a conscious act when it began but a super-conscious one. In other words I had to have faith both in God who I felt led and inspired by and my own higher Self.

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Interior Design

Committed to the Fire

Repairs & Alterations